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Facilitation is the key to unleashing your team’s full potential. 

By promoting clarity, encouraging collaboration, and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard, facilitation turns ordinary meetings into dynamic sessions of innovation and productivity. 

Whether tackling challenges, brainstorming ideas, or aligning goals, 
skilled facilitation ensures meetings are efficient and impactful.

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I am an entertaining Bridge-builder

Looking for a moderator who can transform your event into an engaging and unforgettable experience?

Look no further!

I connect diverse perspectives and bring a unique blend of warmth, knowledge, and inspiration to every event I moderate.

Certified workshop facilitator for:

Circula (9 - 25 participants)

Circula is a joyful workshop that inspires and provides knowledge about the circular economy and circular business models, where participants also get to practice entrepreneurship and innovation. Together, we generate ideas for the businesses of the future.

I am one of several certified workshop facilitators across the country.

The workshop can be delivered in both Swedish and English, and is ideal for team building, skill development, or as a kickoff for a circular initiative.

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More workshops are coming soon...

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find an answer to your question,
don’t hesitate to reach out and ask it to me.

Everything from educational to inspirational depending on the circumstances and venue. 

A personal favourite of mine is one titeled: “the images that has not yet been created”
How many movies have you seen about the downfall of humanity? Too many?
We need new stories and new perspectives. Let’s explore together what
we haven’t dared to dream of yet and see if we can create a
future from where we are to where we want to be.

Over the years, I have given several lectures on everything from climate change to presentation skills and visual communication.

My curiosity makes me fascinated in almost everything and my communication skills allow me to tailor presentations for you.

Ask, and we will se what we can work out. 

It means that when I listen to your idea, I immediately turn it around in my head to see all the layers of it and viewing it from many different perspectives. 

Regardless of whether you’re asking someone smarter or less smart than you, getting an outside perspective on your thoughts and ideas is often very valuable. It might reveal something to you, that you have either missed, or overlooked. 

Let us have a Swedish fika and talk about your ideas 🙂