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Welcome to Talking Bridge

"Sometimes you need someone who can visualize the conversation"

I have been building bridges between people since 2016.
Through facilitation, workshops, or simple conversations 
I help you see what you already know.

I am not the typical consultant who arrives with instructions – I listen to you!

I am not the typical teacher who tells you the answers – I ask the right questions!

I am a facilitator! – I illuminate the knowledge present in your team!

How do we show -
where we want to go?

Things that looks the same, can still be very different.

I help you see things from new perspectives.

In the top left corner - Two white squares with orange circles in the middle seen from the front. In the bottom right corner - the same figure but this time seen from the side, revealing a 3D structure where one of the white squares is still white with a blue, yellow, green circle, hiding beneath the orange one. The other square is orange with a white layer in fron with a hole in the middle, creating the effect of the orange circle in a middle of a white square.